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Transformative Learning in Action

Save thousands of hours of administrative work and provide your teams with transformative learning in just one click. 

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Th Platform

Top Tier Program Selection

By world-class vendors: Experts, Engaging, Inspiring

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Cross-Company Cohorts

Learners matched by role and expertise into small groups of up to 15 participants; Multi-session programs across 1-2 months for an effective learning process that allows ongoing skills implementation

Live Learning Platform

Fully automated & scalable, including recordings, calendar invites and reminders; Engaging hands-on sessions adaptive to real-world challenges; Practice and implement skills in-between sessions with on-the-job assignments

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Ongoing Community & Application

Job-focused practice with peer collaboration, ongoing professional community for support, networking and continuous learning even after the program is over

Goal Oriented Skill Mastery Metrics

Pre and post program assessment filled by the participants and their managers, designed to create a focused and relevant learning, and drive real-life results for behavioral transformation

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Learner's Path to Mastery

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Learner's Path

Program Completion Certificate

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Certificate of Completion

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Get an official digital certificate via the credible

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Showcase on your LinkedIn profile under the "Licenses and Certificates" section

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Download or print out as PDF to share with others

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Share as image online to demonstrate your skill

Sample Certificate


Transformative Learning Experience

Multi-company cohorts of people with shared skills

Experiential learning designed for practical application

Live hands-on workshop-style virtual sessions

A professional community for continuous engagement

A network of highly-reputed training providers

Learing Experiene

A Network of Highly-Reputed Training Partners

We partner with leading professional development providers to offer their programs
to your individual team members, saving resources and time for L&D managers

Partners Logos

Explore Our Programs

A flexible and cost-effective approach to just-in-time talent development, with a pay-per-employee-per-program model


Customer Relationships

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