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Professional Development Group Courses Made Accessible and Personalized

Virtual live instructed cohort-based courses are the most preferred and effective method of learning.  Clickto makes them an integral part of your employees' professional journey

A New Way to Grow

Our goal is to revolutionize the skills development industry and bring back human connection to virtual learning for greater impact all around. We provide professional development for you and your employees in a community of peers, through live virtual programs of multi-company cohorts, led by the world’s top trainers.
The cohorts enable learning and collaboration with peers on common objectives, and let employees belong to a professional community for continuous engagement.


In doing so, we equip companies with the most effective and impact-driven learning experiences, helping to increase Employee Lifetime Value and boost talent retention, one of the biggest problems they face.

Meet the Team

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Dotan Tamir

CEO & Co-Founder

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R&D Team

Erez (1).png

Erez Roll

VP Corporate Development & Co-Founder


Shaham Tamir

Product Manager

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Adi Lev

Head of Operation


Our Values

At Clickto we are purposeful from the inside out. Our Founders, Management team, Advisory Board & Investors are committed to contributing to the remote learning revolution by giving access to resources, knowledge and development that will enhance the growth mindset of democratizing education. 

Our Responsibility

As a growing global business, we understand the importance of integrating the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals into our business practices.  We are just over 2 years old and have taken our first steps to identify and align with the following SDGs:


Virtual learning closes the gaps and makes education accessible across the globe


Clickto supports & empowers all genders with employment opportunities


Clickto enables innovative opportunities for professional development


Clickto helps level the playing field in learning & teaching

Business Meeting

Everybody wants to make a greater impact at their job.

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