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The training industry revolution starts here

Launch more cohorts

Expand your impact

Grow your training business

Clickto is a virtual live learning hub, where groups of multi-company professionals
are matched with the world's top training providers

Join our provider community to deliver more training without marketing
Apply now to list your courses for free!


"An incredible opportunity to collaborate with fellow professionals.

I would absolutely recommend it to others who want to

sharpen and enhance their skills!"


Training providers grow with Clickto


Get listed and expand
your audience

Apply and qualify to make your best courses available on Clickto, and get exposed to customers globally.

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We match professionals
into cohorts

Our hub offers your course to those who will most benefit from it, and forms cohorts of multi-company professionals with shared skills and goals.

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Sales, enrollment, billing? We'll do it.

Companies enroll their employees through our automated process, letting you focus on delivering the best experience - without the paperwork.

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It's show time!

Access our platform to learn more about the learners, communicate with the cohort, and host interactive virtual sessions through our Zoom integration.

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Your pricing, guaranteed.

Pricing and group size limits are included in your Clickto agreement. We charge per learner, and only cut our share after paying your agreed-upon price.

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Showcase your success

Improve your training with learner feedback and impact assessment. Get trusted reviews that are publicly showcased to celebrate your success.

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Clickto's Training Partner Network

Join our esteemed community of professional development providers
in a variety of fields



Sales & Marketing


And More...

People Operations



Training Partners
Benefits of livetrainig

The Clickto Learning Experience

Multi-company cohorts of people with shared skills

Experiential learning designed for practical application

Live hands-on workshop-style virtual sessions

A professional community for continuous engagement

A network of highly-reputed training providers

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Join our provider community to deliver more training without marketing
Apply now to list your courses for free!

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