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Upcoming Cohort

May 2023

Up to 12 members
Marketing Leaders

4 live virtual sessions
12pm-2pm ET

Only $1800


Generative AI Business Transformation

For marketing leaders

Revolutionize Your Marketing with Strategic AI Integration

Generative AI is taking the business world by storm, and marketing is at the tip of the spear. But taking the multitude of tools and turning them into beneficial business processes is overwhelming, therefore, you need a strategic approach to integrating ChatGPT and other AI tools into your business processes. 

This program is one of endless opportunities available to our Learning Hub members


Virtual Learning With Human Connection


Multi-company cohorts of people with shared skills


Collaborate with peers on common objectives


Belong to a community for continuous engagement


Live hands-on workshop-style virtual sessions


Learn from your industry’s top trainers

Meet Your Cohort Members

Daniella Perlstein.png

Daniella Perlstein

Marketing Director at Kazuar and ex Google

Larisa Yee.png

Larisa Yee

Field Marketing at Amdocs



Improve the efficiencies of the marketing department leveraging AI and become an AI change agent for the organization

As a marketing leader, you are in charge of many tasks and are measured against multiple KPIs, but the blanket is always short and you never have enough resources for all the requested marketing activities. Therefore you need a way to dramatically improve the efficiencies of as many activities as possible.

This program (course and community) is open to marketing leaders of mid-sized companies, startups, and business units at multinational corporates. It is designed to equip you with tools, and hands-on experience on how to leverage AI to dramatically improve the throughput of a marketing department. 

In addition, this program will give you the framework and the confidence to become a change agent for leveraging AI in other departments and segments of your company/organization.



Skills you'll gain

Generative AI Marketing Strategies

Learn to identify business problems that can be solved with generative AI tools and techniques.
Integrate them into your marketing workflows to maximize your existing resources and create a more personalized and customer-centric marketing strategy.


Maximize Impact

Seamlessly integrate AI tools like ChatGPT into your existing systems and processes, optimize your workflow, and generate high-quality, engaging, and compelling content at lightning speed. You'll also practice performing research, improving your website's ranking, creating targeted and effective content that speaks directly to your audience, and generating authentic assets that reflect your brand.


Become a Change Agent

March your company into the AI era and become the change agent in your organization. Learn how to implement working with AI tools throughout the organization, and create real business impact.


Live group of multicompany professionals


8 hours of live training, 2 hours per week


Curated groups of like-minded professionals


Highly interactive video conferencing sessions


Intimate cohorts of only 12 members

Class schedule and syllabus



Upskill your marketing game using AI

Meet your trainer

Isar Meitis square headshot - high-res.png
Isar Meitis

Isar Meitis is a 3 time CEO with a passion for teaching and mentoring, who drinks and eats AI tech. Isar has always been a teacher by heart, from his early days as a flight instructor in the Air Force Academy, all the way to current days where he mentors CEOs. As an experienced CEO, Isar has a holistic approach to business processes and this course is a great example of it.  Isar aims to empower individuals to maximize their potential through systems and processes and produce a positive business impact within their organization.

Isar has built and implemented technology, systems, processes, and teams in a wide variety of organizations, from small tech startups all the way to multi-billion dollar corporations. 

The unique combination of Isar's business leadership experience with his passion for tech and mentoring makes him a highly sought-after speaker and instructor.

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