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Starting October 18

Open to HR leaders at mid-sized companies

Max 20 members

5 live sessions 12pm-2pm ET

Optional office hours

Last spots with early bird discount


Leading Through Change

Grow your influence as an HR strategic business partner. Learn how to apply a coach approach to leadership development across the organization.

Meet Your Cohort

Image by Gregory Hayes

Mark Zuckerberg

CEO, Meta

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Image by Gregory Hayes

Mark Zuckerberg

CEO, Meta

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Image by Gregory Hayes

Mark Zuckerberg

CEO, Meta

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About the Course

In a winning company, Human Resources Managers are not only administrative or operational figures. They are expected to influence the strategic side of things as well, often involving the practical application of company strategy and leadership development across the organization.

HR managers are positioned at a critical crossroad. They support senior management, team leaders and employees at all levels - obviously, they have significant potential to influence. 

Among other things, HR professionals are involved in helping people in the organization grow, turning vague ideas into an actionable vision, delivering challenging and often sensitive feedback to senior and mid-level management, handling conflict resolution, focusing on company strategy, accountability, well-being, and honoring organizational values.

Learn From a Top Trainer Who Led Teams At


We acquired useful coaching tools and feel a significant improvement in the role of the firm."

Sigal Shemesh, Learning & Education Manager


PWC Israel


Skills you'll gain

Executive Coaching

Become a sought after HR strategic partner. Learn how to effectively coach executives of various levels.


Relationship and Collaboration

Build teams with a purpose, a path, and a healthy emotional field. Learn to distinguish and navigate teams and open new organizational possibilities.


Leading through Change

Learn about successful change management in ORGs and how to create an effective implementation plan.


Live Group of Multicompany professionals





10 hours of live training, 2 hours per week

Highly interactive video conferencing sessions

Curated group of like-minded professionals

Take this course for only $499

  • 01 Practical Coaching Skills
    Coaching conversation with Managers: In this course you will learn how to get started, establish work agreements between leaders and groups, and many other useful skills. Practical Coaching Skills: You will experience various skills which include active listening, powerful questions, acknowledging, challenging enquiries, summarizing, requesting, etc. Boost Pro-activity: You will learn how to use coaching tools to elicit proactive leadership, creative thinking, and ultimately tap into out-of-the-box resourceful solutions.
  • 02 Working with Motivational Issues and Emotional Blockers
    Understanding Values: A personal set of core values is what guides us all. This set of values is the key to working with motivational issues and emotional blockers, equips the HR professional with a capacity to help shift a sense of resistance, and enhances inspiration. Choosing Resonant Perspectives: We teach the importance of revealing current perspectives towards issues and exploring new perspectives that will create movement and action.
  • 03 Team Performance
    High Performing Teams: We will introduce you to critical factors that yield a high performing team. You will learn how to guide a team to self-assess its level of positivity and productivity and drive itself to grow. Constructive and Destructive Communication: We will show you how you can lead a team to collaborate powerfully by clearing assumptions, naming commonalities, aligning around purpose and values, and making clear and effective team decisions. Conflict is an inevitable part of teamwork and having the tools to manage it skillfully is imperative.
  • 04 Team Collaboration
    Collaborative Mindsets: We will show you how to establish accountability, sustainability and resiliency in a team, which will lead to a successful team with strong collaboration. Use Feedback to Drive Success: Here, we'll cover how to learn, share, and reflect upon feedback, as well as how to effectively implement feedback related skills.
  • 05 Leading Through Change and Integration
    Leading in Times of Change: We will introduce you to the four critical conditions for a successful change management in ORGs. The typical reactive behaviors that show up when changes happen, and how to create an implementation plan change, taking it all into consideration. Putting it all Together in the HR Reality: Each participant will integrate all skills taught from all sessions. We will create a shared learning experience from which each participant will take away the skills taught in his or her role.

Class schedule and syllabus

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Meet your trainer

Dr. Anat Treister-Goren

Lead Global works with organizations in 20 different countries. Anat Treister-Goren. Dr. Treister-Green is an expert in her field, certified by the International Coach Federation, the Coaches Training Institute, The Full Circle Group, the Center for Right Relationship, Team Coaching International, etc. She coaches with a diverse model, allowing her to successfully train her students.

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